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    Our Dental Practice

    With dental offices in King of Prussia, Dr. Cyril Evian is a board certified Periodontist, also specializing in Dental Implants, TM Joint Disorders, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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  • Dental Laser Surgery in King of Prussia, PA

    Dental Laser Surgery

    Dental laser surgery uses laser energy and a gentle spray to perform precision surgery, which allows for a more comfortable surgery and less time in the chair!

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  • Our Services

    Serving the King of Prussia area

    Dr. Evian provides periodontal therapy, dental implants, treatment for TMJ disorder and gum disease, appliance and hygienic therapy, adult orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in King of Prussia, PA.

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  • How We Can Help

    Your Dental Questions, answered

    Whether you have a toothache, need dental implants, are suffering from TMJ disorder, or just need a dentist, we are here to help. Our pride is healthy teeth, beautiful smiles and patient satisfaction.

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    Dr. Cyril Evian's 40 years of experience in dentistry can help ease your mind and solve your dental problems. From periodontal diagnosis to dental cosmetics, we are able to serve the King of Prussia area with world-renowned dental services.

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Dr.Cyril I. Evian offers comprehensive dental services in King of Prussia. Whether you need periodontal therapy, dental implants, are suffering from TMJ disorder, or just have general questions about dentistry, request a consultation and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment.

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